Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Gear Test. Ainsworth 4-way Splits...

A few weeks ago I took out a set of the new Ainsworth 4-way splits for a test run as Jamie of Kayak the Nile had asked me to see what I thought. So I decided to huck them off Kalagala Falls - where more than anything you need to be able to depend on your kit.

So first inspection of the paddles - They were perhaps a little bit short - certainly in the shaft - but felt pretty solid. They use a standard button fixing system and didn't need to be taped up or anything like that. The main fault in the set up is that they will set to a feather of either 90, 45 or zero degrees. Nobody paddles at 90 degree feather these days so the holes should have been offset by 45, then you could have 45 Right, zero or 45 left. Then your splits are fully versatile for right and left handers. I've just looked on the website and apparently they will set up for left handers too - maybe it's just not all that obvious.

If they do set up for left handers too then I reckon these are pretty solid splits. I don't know how much they cost - but I'll bet you it's pretty reasonable, and if you broke your blades these would get you through the thick of it.

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Photos by Anna Bruno

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