Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Polela River, South Africa...

Here's an amalgamation of photos from 2 days on the Polela River in South Africa. It's a super fun river with a few nice drops and trickier rapids with loads of fun continuous sections in between. Enjoy.

-Will Clark approaching the first main drop, photo Guy Anderson-

-It was this guys first time paddling waterfalls! He did land the right way up! - Photo Guy Anderson-

-Guy Anderson on the river right line-

-Tom McLay also on the river right line-

-Tom on the next, smaller drop-

-Andrew Pollock on the same drop-

-Will Clark on the entry to 'Te-Bone Re-Bone"-

-Will coming through to the last drop-

-The last drop on Te-Bone Re-Bone-

-A nice angle showing our nice new Fluid spray decks by Seals-

-Tom on the same drop-

-Oh yeah if you get pushed left it gives you a kicking!!-

-Oops, that'll be a bootie beer then...-

-Nice job Tom!-

Ok, that's the photos from that trip, I went and spent 4 days up in Zimbabwe after that, I'll put some photos from that trip up soon.

Happy Paddling.

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